Aidamir Lovpache

Last updated: 8-Aug-2018

Maykop, RUSSIA, 385000
Kubanskaya str. 178
Phone: +7 (909) 4712764 , Email:


Position of: Full Stack Developer, Backend Developer, Database Developer, Python Developer


19 years of programming. Experience of heavy loaded, web oriented database development and support.
Languages: Python,C, Bourn shell, SQL, PL/pgSQL , PL/SQL, PHP, Perl
Markup: HTML, XML, CSS,
NOSQL: Cassandra
OS: Linux


  • 2019, Technologies: Django, Django-channels, python-asyncio, Django-rest-framework, PostgreSQL, Wagtail CMS, Angular, Websocket. чистыегорыкавказа.рф Development of a site for an ecological project devoted in general for a separate waste collection. Development of an angular app for coordination of a separate waste collection. Small django framework based on django-channels for implementing a possibility to create chat room for any django model. Coordinator Still under development.

  • 2019, Technologies: Django, Django-rest-framework, ,PostgreSQL, Redux, JSX, SOAP. Working with cryptocurrency networks bitcoin, bitcoincash, litecoin, ethereum, extending and fixing python client modules. Development of a payment system interface modules using python-zeep. Writing modules for mobile webview application based on a react like framework.

  • 2018, Technologies: Django, PostgreSQL, PL/PgSQL, Celery, Jquery, Angular-js, twitter-bootstrap. The project was unexpectedly closed, but here is development version up
    Development of the cryptocurrency exchange portal. Back-end/front-end, Design, management shell script and python distribution package. Use of Blurmin framework written in the previous project, for user private room, and admin panel. Use username and demo123 password to see user private room and admin tools. This is an admin account. Sorry, there is no complete functional working, due to malfunction of the blockchain.

  • 2017, Technologies: Mezzanine (django based CMS), Django, PostgreSQL, PL/PgSQL, Postgis, Celery, Jquery, Angular-js, twitter-bootstrap, python-asyncio,.Organization:
    Development of the moving services portal. Back-end/front-end, management admin panel, mover dashboard. Many tweaks for django-admin, create framework for user dashboard development based on django and angular-js

  • 2012, Technologies: python,python-gevent, PostgreSQL,python-libcairo, python-PIL, YUI, XML. Organization: currently customizer at
    Development of high performance back-end HTTP service generating images for jewelry customizer. Develop the solution of customizing engravings, using bezier curve points. Development of visual engraving designer (On the base of the previously written framework).

  • 2011, Technologies: Java, Cassandra
    Development of the index generation code and searching tools, for the specified fields subset.

  • 2010, Technologies: Python HTML,CSS,XML,python-cherrypy,YUI2,PostgreSQL , PL/pgSQL
    Development of a an AJAX based framework for the fast creation of the PostgreSQL database admin panels.

  • 2007, Technologies: C, PostgreSQL SPI. Organization: for the order from the
    Porting 200 trading indicator functions written in C into PostgreSQL aggregate functions. Create benchmark tests with my query testing tool. Year: 2007,

  • 2006, Technologies: C, PostgreSQL asynchronous, epoll(), flex (YACC). Development of PostgreSQL query testing tool.

  • 2003, Technologies: C, PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL SPI, PL/PgSQL,Linux kernel IPC. Organization:
    Development of an auction bidding daemon module and database. Database interface module for HTTP server. Module divided in 2 parts: first is high speed in memory database (Using SHM storage), with HTTP based request protocol, second is PostgreSQL server based part, using asynchronous query processing. Database data loading XML specification, middle tier database interface module for the XML parser.

  • 2003, Technologies: ORACLE, PL/SQL. Organization:>
    Development of traffic billing database for internet provider.